Just Give Us A Brief Introduction To Common Device Projects.

- Sep 04, 2017 -

First, Low-voltage short-circuit maintenance: At present, with the continuous development of science and technology, the continuous innovation of materials, equipment, the organization is relatively compact, durable, high safety factor. Now the equipment has been removed from disassembly overhaul, maintenance-free type development. The following is the introduction of the system with the overhaul, the low voltage switch inspection items. A, short circuit breaker, low voltage. b, the short circuit of the same period of efficacy. C, a DC resistance test. D. Insulation resistance test. E, a voltage withstand test. F, the transmission mechanism to add lubricants. G, check the efficacy fuse. h, check, test the energy storage motor. I, check the fork and spring. J, check, test, close the speed. K, check, verify two times and auxiliary switches and contacts. Second, automatic air switch overhaul: Automatic air switch in the structure than the contactor and magnetic starter to be more complex, therefore, because it has a set of teaching perfect arc extinguishing device. The automatic air switch can automatically cut off the circuit when the circuit has been overloaded, shorted, low voltage or lost pressure. Common automatic air switches are shown (Fig. 1-1). A, close, the test. B, the transmission mechanism to add lubrication. C, interphase insulation resistance. d, switch over the flow of efficacy. E, check the access point. F, check the arc-extinguishing gate. G, the contact repair. Third, the overhaul of the switch: A, check the fixed, movable edge. b, check the blade spring. c, check the axle pins. D, the parity, the position of the pull. E, inspection, parity transmission mechanism. F, interphase, to ground insulation resistance. IV. Electromagnetic CONTACTOR overhaul: A, check the magnetic field coil contact. b, magnetic field coil DC resistance. c, check contact and pressure spring. D, check core and core contact surface. E, check the effective arc hood.

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