Low-voltage Switchgear Cabinet

- Sep 04, 2017 -

Low-voltage switchgear for power plants, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, textile, high-rise building and other industries, as transmission, distribution and power conversion. The product complies with GB7251.1-2005 "Low Voltage Switchgear" (IDT $literal 1999) standard. Low-voltage switchgear cabinets are included in the 3C certification compulsory certification products catalogue of products.

  • Indoor AC Metal Clad Central-positioned Switchgear
  • Outdoor/Indoor Electrical Distribution Box
  • IEC Standard MCB Breaking Capacity 1P 2P 3P 4P DC/AC Circuit Breaker
  • Earth Leakage|Residual Current Circuit Breaker|ELCB|RCCB
  • Moulded Cased Circuit Breaker of High Voltage

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