Low-voltage Switchgear Holder:

- Sep 04, 2017 -

Can satisfy the position that each electrical element is reliably fixed in the cabinet body. The shape of the cabinet is generally cubic, such as screen type, box type, etc., also have the bevel body such as desktop. This kind of cabinet has a single row and arrangement. In order to ensure the size of the cabinet, often take the components of the combination of steps, is generally composed of two pieces or both sides, and then form a cabinet, or to meet the requirements of the shape, and then connected to the cabinet in sequence in-house pieces. The part length of each edge of the cabinet body must be correct (the tolerance is negative), in order to ensure the geometrical dimensions of each aspect, thus ensuring the overall shape requirement. For the two sides of the cabinet, there can be no uplift in the middle because of the need to consider the arrangement. In addition, from the installation point of view, the bottom surface can not have subsidence phenomenon. The ground formation is a prerequisite in arranging the installation, but the dry whole and the cabinet itself have a certain error, in the arrangement to try to offset the horizontal difference, and do not cause the difference accumulation, because the difference accumulation will cause the cabinet deformation, affect the bus connection and the production of components installed ectopic, stress concentration, and even affect the electrical life. Therefore, in order to use the highest point of the foundation for the installation of reference points, and then gradually pad expansion, in the bottom dry finish is more ideal and predictable conditions, can also be taken from the middle to the side of the expansion of the way, so that the accumulation of the difference between the cloth. In order to easily adjust, offset the accumulation of tolerance, the cabinet width tolerance is negative. After the various components of the cabinet body are completed, they should be reshaped as needed to meet the requirements of each part of the shape and position. The fixture should be fully considered in the manufacture of the large size cabinet. In order to ensure the correct unity of the structure, the base of the fixture to take the bottom surface as appropriate, the fixture in the location of the positioning blocks to remove the convenience of work, for the outer door of the cabinet, etc. due to transport and installation and other effects, generally in the installation of uniform adjustment.

  • Drawout Metal-clad AC Switchgear
  • White Push-Open Door Power Distribution Box
  • Clear Plastic Electrical Distribution Box
  • IEC Standard MCB Breaking Capacity 1P 2P 3P 4P DC/AC Circuit Breaker
  • FARPHIE High Voltage MCCB
  • High Voltage AC MCCB

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