Safety Requirements For Low Voltage Charged Work

- Sep 04, 2017 -

Low-voltage electrification work should be manned, using tools with insulated handles, standing on dry insulation, wearing insulating gloves and safety helmets, wearing long sleeves, strictly prohibit the use of files, metal feet and metal with the brush, hair and other tools.

When working on Low-voltage electrified line with high and low pressure, it is necessary to check the distance of the high-voltage wire and take measures to prevent the misuse of high electric equipment.

The staff shall not cross the line before the insulated measures are taken in the low-voltage electrified wire. When working on a charged low-voltage distribution device, it is necessary to ensure a good insulating or safe distance between the human body and the earth, between the human body and the surrounding metal, the human body and other conductors. Isolation measures should be taken to prevent interphase short and single phase. Before the bar to distinguish between the phase, neutral line, choose a good position. When disconnecting a conductor, disconnect the phase line and disconnect the neutral 0 line. When connecting wires, the order should be the opposite. Because of low pressure between the distance is very small, overhaul should pay attention to prevent the human body at the same time contact two thread.

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